Newton is thoroughly experienced in intellectual property in general and , in particular, with copyright law, the protection of software and databases, domain names and trademarks. Our field of expertise has been put into practice for various industries such as the television, animation or film industry, live and media entertainment, fashion and design, publicity, music business, sports events and the many stakeholders active in those fields. As an audio-visual, live entertainment or sporting events production company or (VR) gaming producer, you co-create with many third parties,


authors, designers, composers, performing artists, etc., all contributing to a finished production, together with the many stakeholders involved in the successful organisation of such large-scale projects and events. Many aspects need to be borne in mind when drafting (international) co-production and other agreements, where necessary also considering the strict Belgian tax shelter legislation if this financing method has been used and possibly finding solutions to finance the project at hand when conflicting legislations need to be respected.


Having worked closely for many years alongside creative minds in a variety of industries across the globe and fully understanding the delicate balance between the creative passion and the business imperatives that go hand in hand to realise the goals that you set, we are able to help create awareness within your organisation, through careful communication, avoiding complex legal jargon where necessary to allow your teams to create the appropriate legal reflexes and to help you spread the wings of your ambitions safely.

We know how royalty rights and collective rights management function and how to optimize and structure this chain of income. We have vast experience in drafting and negotiating contracts related therewith, such as:

  • license agreements
  • assignment agreements
  • collaboration agreements
  • research and development agreements
  • co-creation agreements
  • (international) co-production agreements
  • Belgian tax shelter funding and funding through (international) co-production treaties

The Belgian and European legislation involved therewith is complex. We’ll be glad to help you, with a pragmatic approach and an eye for detail.

  • Any agreements made need to be in conformity with directives issued by external financing partners or legislative bodies.
  • Risks and opportunities need to be charted for the entire creative team in order to avoid conflicts between rights holders, other stakeholders and exploiting parties.
  • Royalty schemes and their calculation basis need to be determined, taking into account the business model in place and costs and expenses incurred.
  • The chain of copyright title must be protected in view of a possible worldwide exploitation of the production.

We can help you set up a comprehensive IP strategy by securing the rights to your creations, understanding the exact scope of protection and enforcing your rights where necessary. We help you seek out your strengths and weaknesses throughout your IP-related activities to enable the reinforcement of your production processes, as a core element of your immaterial corporate assets, crucial for the value creation you seek in any business you set up.

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